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We are located at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH.  We are located right between Dicks's Sporting Goods and Old Navy.

18 Holes.

Invite your friend for a friendly bet. We have score card and pencils.


Maybe you and your friend can bet on food.  Winner gets free meal paid by the person who loses the game.  

Competitiveness is always a good thing when done in a positive way.

We hope you come and have a awesome time!

Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 8 pm

Friday and Saturday 10:00 am - 9 pm

Sun: 11:00 am - 6 pm

*** Please see Mall of New Hampshire hours for any updates on Holiday Hours *** 


Please CALL for information or Bookings of any Birthday Party or Events.

Do not email  about  Birthday parties or Events

Email is for office business purposes only.  Mahalo!


Golf Pricing

General Admission
13 years and up


Ages 4 - 12 years old


Replays (Only during initial purchase) . . . . $6.00 

Ages 3 and Under    


Birthday Parties: Service

Room Reservation for Parties/Events



Package Includes:

  • 2 hours party time limit in the Party Room 

  • Optional Free 30 minutes for decorations/prep in party room before the 2 hours for the Party

  • The party room will be strictly for your party for the 2 hours.

  • Limit to 12 playing guests and the birthday honoree (13 players total)

  • Stereo for your own use in the party room (bring your own phone auxiliary connections)

  • (5) "30 DAY PASS CARD" for free mini golf for Birthday honoree and immediate family

  • (12)  "1 DAY FREE PASS" for all playing guests (no expiration)

  • Birthday Honoree will also receive a flashing Hawaiian Lei.

Party Room Time (2 hours)

MON - SAT- 1st Party:   10:30AM - 12:30PM 

                      2nd Party:  2:00PM - 4:00PM

                      3rd Party:   5:30PM - 7:30PM

Sunday- 1st Party: 11:30AM - 1:30PM 

               2nd Party:  3:00PM - 5:00PM


General Instructions:

The party room will be exclusively reserved for the entire 2 hours for you and your guests to have a good time catching up with family and friends. Guests may enjoy playing in our arcade games ($).  There is a speaker accessible in the party room so you may play your favorite music and dance. Please bring your own phone cable wire attachments.  


* No glitter, confetti, party string streamers/spray, etc for decorations.

* Please adhere to the end time so our staff can safely clear up trash and sanitize the party room.

The Private Party Room:

Our mini Glow Golf is decorated with Hawaiian Luau decorations for your celebration.  Please provide your own plates, cups, utensils or napkins for your party.  Most birthdays add their own theme to their kids favorite characters ie. Barbie, Sponge Bob, SpiderMan, etc.; therefore, we do not provide these items.  Food may be ordered for delivery or bring your own food and beverages.  Please remember your cake utensils and servers, celebration candles, etc.   We do not have a refrigerator/freezer storage for any food items.   We have a flat 4 wheel dolly that may be borrowed free of charge to bring your stuff in or out to your car.  Give us a call before arriving and we will have the dolly ready for you to use. 

We advise that you have your food delivered about 45 minutes before the end of your party so you may have time to cut the cake. 

The Mini Golf Area:

There is a 12 player limit for the party and this may consist of both kids and parents. You will receive 13 wrist bands for up to 12 playing guests and the birthday honoree. When your guests arrive please have players put on a wristband and they may come to the counter with a responsible adult and get the putt and balls to start playing.  The Mini Golf area will be open for both your party and general public.  

Ask your guests to wear white or neon clothing for the greatest blacklight "GLOW" experience!

Rules of the Mini Golf Course during a Party:

  • No Running

  • Please split into smaller groups for play (2-5 players in a group)

  • Stay with your group and follow the course numbers.

  • No repeating hole numbers.  Players must play the course through to finish at the 18th hole.

  • Responsible adults must be present and walking with children playing on the course, especially if groups of children are spread out.

  • A responsible adult must be present in the party room if children are in there playing.

  • Be mindful and respectful of other paying players and their games while your party is at play. 

  • No food or drinks should leave the party room for consumption on the Mini Golf Course.  

  • Please follow the rules stated for regular play on the Mini Golf Course. 

  • Have fun safely!

For a detailed list of preparing for your event, please read our Customer Party Information Sheet.




There is a $50 booking deposit.

$50 dollars will count towards your final payment

The day of the party, pay final payment: $300

If paying cash only: $250

*(Either deposit can still be take on a credit card)

$50 booking deposit is non-refundable

but counts towards the party rate.

Click on the link below for...

Aloha Mini Glow Golf Birthday Invitations!

Please CALL for information or Bookings of any Party or Events.
Do not email - email is for office business purposes only.

  • Room Booking is Required (May be booked from 1 months  in advance to 1 day in advance if room is available)

  • $50 non-refundable booking deposit is due at time of booking. Deposit counts towards pay to the party package.

  • An additional $50 fee will be assessed if any equipment and/or facilities are found broken, misused, or trashed.

Fundraising Opportunities

A Time to Give

Fundraising: Service
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